Golfito is located on the southern pacific zone of Costa Rica, the drive from San José to Golfito generally takes about 5 hours, depending on the traffic and weather/road conditions.

Golfito is a small and peaceful little paradise, it is just 1 hour away from the border with Panamá and it’s the town you must visit before your trip to Pavones or Puerto Jimenez.

Before going to Pavones you most know that there are no banks, ATM’s or Gas stations in Pavones and the nearest gas station and banks are in Golfito so make sure you fill your gas tank full and take enough money before your trip to Pavones.

Public Boats to Puerto Jimenez leave from Golfito at different times during the day.

You can fly from San Jose or Liberia International Airports to Golfito with

Golfito Car Rental Fleet