Eco-lodges in the Golfo Dulce Bay

Eco Lodges in the Golfo Dulce Bay

Information about the unique group of Eco Lodges in the Golfo Dulce Bay, the most pristine, natural and undeveloped area of Costa Rica.  The Golfo Dulce Bay in Costa Rica is surrounded by the Piedras Blancas National Park, Corcovado National Park and the Osa Penninsula.

The Golfo Dulce bay is a large bay ringed by secluded beaches surrounded by the ever-green rainforest of the Corcovado and  the Piedras Blancas National Park, Due to the regions’ tremendous biodiversity, the Golfo Dulce bay is the perfect destination for nature lovers, those seeking soft adventure and those who want to escape from crowded tourist destinations.

During a visit by the Greenpeace ship Moby Dick, Captain Joel Stewart commented in 1996 that there is “so much biodiversity, so many species, that one is almost forced to defend it.”
The Golfo Dulce is one of only four tropical fjord-like estuaries in the whole world, this area of pristine tropical wilderness is home to resident and migratory communities of bottlenose, spotted and spinner dolphins as well as the occasionally-seen false-killer whales.

The Golfo Dulce bay is also home to four of the world’s 8 different sea turtles including the critically endangered Hawksbill Turtle, along with manta rays, sailfish, marlin, tuna and sharks including endangered hammerhead and whale sharks.

The mangrove systems found within the gulf which are composed of red and black mangrove species, grow in the intertidal region where salt and fresh water meet. They serve as a buffer from storms reducing erosion of shorelines and improve the quality and clarity of the water.

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Saladero Eco-Lodge

Saladero is more than just an Ecolodge, it is also Harvey and Susan home. You are their guests in this magical and pristine part of Costa Rica. 

Saladero Eco Lodge Lodge is extremely remote, accessible only by boat. The Lodge itself is a manicured beach oasis surrounded by endless, impenetrable primary rainforest. 

Whether you’re a bird, fishing, photography or sciences enthusiast or whether you’re coming as a couple, family or small group, Saladero Eco Lodge will always have something special for you to do and see.

At Saladero Ecolodge you’ll find the Golfo Dulce Bay, secondary forest, primary rainforest, mangroves, and riverine ecosystems. A multitude of species are all within easy walking distance.

It is extremely intimate and nature-focused, so it might not be your thing if you desire top luxury.

Playa Nicuesa Rainforest Eco-Lodge

Immersed in the rainforest and fronted by calm gulf waters off the Pacific Ocean, Playa Nicuesa lives in harmony with nature. Reachable only by boat, let your truly natural vacation adventure begin. 

Arrive in the naturally beautiful Osa Peninsula, and let your vacation adventure begin as you board our private boat and make your way to our eco-friendly lodge.

 Dramatic views of the mountains along the Pacific Coast, and surrounded by the verdant rainforest for thousands of acres welcome you as you approach.  Jade colored water, dolphins, majestic blue butterflies and leaves as big as elephant ears soothe your senses.

Playa Cativo Golfo Dulce Luxury Eco Lodge

Set in the heart of Costa Rica´s rainforest on the coasts of Golfo Dulce in the Osa Peninsula and accessible exclusively by boat, Playa Cativo is a luxury beachfront eco-lodge offering stunning accommodations in true harmony with nature. 

This 5 stars Costa Rican hideaway is a private and exclusive destination where you will go back to nature in luxury, and its design complements the surrounding nature, its stunning grounds, and its oceanfront setting, where you will truly unwind.

A Lifetime Experience, as you exit the gorgeous blue water of the open Golfo Dulce, you are met with the outline of an upscale beach lodge nestled within untouched Costa Rican rain-forest, surrounded by perfectly lush grounds and incredible wildlife. It is more a state of being than a place – a sense of balance unlike any experienced before. It is a feeling of peace, of awe, of indulgence and care for a holiday that will not be forgotten in a lifetime!

Dolphin Quest Costa Rica Golfo Dulce Eco Lodge

If you are looking for an authentic, close-to-nature, off-the-grid, part-of-the-family experience, this is it. The food is amazing (it just kept getting better and better!), everyone is very welcoming, and you’ll feel at home in no time.

Good food, cozy atmosphere and most beautiful and quiet place you will be in Costa Rica. Expect autencity not luxury.

If you are looking for a nature experience away from the crowd, this is the perfect place.