Luxury Hotels in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Luxury Hotels

Stay in the best Luxury Hotels in Costa Rica, treat yourself and enjoy the experience of spending your vacations on the most stylish and award-winning luxury hotels, resort and boutique hotels in this tropical paradise.

Costa Rica’s reputation as an eco-tourist hot spot might have you thinking of rustic lodges, mosquito netting, and no air conditioning — while this might be true in some parts of the country, Costa Rica has a great offer of luxury resorts providing you with the enthusiastic welcome you would expect to find at any other resort in the world’s top destinations.

What defines a Luxury Hotel in Costa Rica?

  • Reservation process is simple, and you should get all the help you need.
  • Fast, Easy, Discreet Checkin & Checkout.
  • The room you’re assigned to should be exactly the type of room you want.
  • Enhanced room features.
  • Luxury hotel guests are known and valued.
  • Outstanding Hotel Dining.
  • Comfort and Entertainment.