Best Tamarindo Booze Cruises

🎉 Set sail for the ultimate fiesta on the shimmering waters of Tamarindo, Costa Rica – where the sun kisses the waves, and the drinks flow like a tropical symphony! Welcome aboard the adventure of a lifetime as we unveil the ultimate guide to the “Best Tamarindo Booze Cruises”! 🍹⛵

Picture this: a sleek catamaran slicing through the turquoise sea, with the salty breeze teasing your hair and the beats of Latin rhythms electrifying the air. As the golden sun dips low on the horizon, you’ll find yourself immersed in a paradise of pure party bliss.

From sun-soaked decks to bubbling jacuzzis, these booze cruises aren’t just about the drinks – they’re about creating memories that’ll last a lifetime. So grab your sunglasses, your favorite crew, and get ready to dive headfirst into the vibrant nightlife scene of Tamarindo!

But hold on, because it’s not just about the booze – it’s about the breathtaking beauty that surrounds you. With every sip of your refreshing cocktail, you’ll be treated to panoramic views of lush jungles, pristine beaches, and maybe even a playful pod of dolphins or two.

Whether you’re a seasoned party animal or a first-time cruiser, there’s something for everyone on these high-octane adventures. So why wait? Let’s raise a glass to unforgettable moments and book your ticket to the hottest party in paradise. Tamarindo awaits – are you ready to sail into the sunset in style? 🌅🥂

Table of Contents

Tamarindo Booze Sailing Tour Costa Rica

1. Blue Dolphin Sailing Adventure

Set Sail on the Ultimate Adventure with the Blue Dolphin Sailing Adventure in Tamarindo! 

Get ready for a splash of adventure and a breeze of ocean air on this Party Catamaran Tour in Tamarindo, a vibrant journey along the breathtaking coastlines of Guanacaste, Costa Rica. This isn’t just any booze cruise – it’s a gateway to paradise aboard a grand 40-foot catamaran.

As guests slice through the waves, the Blue Dolphin offers a fully stocked bar to keep the party lively with an assortment of sodas, juices, beer, white wine, and spirits including the local favorite Cacique, plus vodka, rum, and tequila.

Passengers can quench their thirst while basking in the sun on the spacious deck or engaging in exciting activities with onboard paddleboards and kayaks.

Experience Wildlife and Scenic Views! Travelers should keep their cameras ready as the Pacific’s vibrant marine life surrounds them.

Dolphins frolic, turtles glide by, and (during the right season) whales make their majestic appearance against a backdrop of stunning coastal vistas.

Delight in Tropical Flavors! A light yet delectable meal is served right on the deck, featuring chicken fajitas, black beans, fresh salad, a fruit platter, a vegetable tray, and homemade banana bread – capturing the vibrant flavors of the locale.

The catamaran anchors in a serene cove near Playa Huevos, where the waters are ideal for snorkeling, kayaking, or stand-up paddleboarding.

Whether guests are floating on pool noodles or exploring the underwater world, there’s a treasure trove of fun waiting to be discovered.

Witness a Breathtaking Sunset! As the day concludes, the return sail to Tamarindo is perfectly timed with the sunset, painting the sky in hues of orange and pink. This magical moment on the water is the perfect finale to an unforgettable journey.

The Blue Dolphin Sailing Adventure departs from the sandy shores in front of El Chiringuito restaurant, just a stone’s throw from the bustling center of Tamarindo.

Don’t just dream about paradise – embark on it with the Blue Dolphin! Join this adventure and let the Pacific Ocean thrill your soul! 

Tamarindo Booze Catamaran

2. Marlin del Rey Party Catamaran

Set sail from the golden shores of Tamarindo or Playa del Coco and dive into the splendor of the big blue Pacific on the luxurious Tamarindo Snorkel and Sunset Catamaran.

This deluxe catamaran adventure in Tamarindo is the perfect blend of relaxation and exploration, where the horizon is your destination and the sea breeze whispers the stories of the ocean.

Relax and soak up the tropical sun on the spacious deck of this stunning party cruise.

With ample room to bask in the warmth or unwind in the shade, every moment onboard is like a slice of paradise.

This booze cruise pauses in the serene embrace of secluded bays where the warm tropical waters beckon.

Dive into an underwater escapade with snorkels, stand-up paddleboards, and pool noodles available for all.

The clear waters offer a vibrant display of marine life, and for those who prefer to stay dry, the catamaran’s vast salon provides a perfect nook to relax and enjoy the view.

An attentive crew freshly prepares a hearty lunch onboard, offering delicacies such as BBQ chicken, pasta salad, yellow rice, black beans, fresh fruit plates, and chips accompanied by homemade Pico de Gallo and chocolate chip cookies—recipes that bring comfort in every bite.

Stay hydrated and spirited throughout your journey with an open bar that never runs dry.

Sip on unlimited beer, wine, cocktails, and soft drinks, including local and international favorites such as Imperial beer, Jack Daniels Whiskey, and Flor de Caña Rum.

As the day winds down, the catamaran sails back towards the departure points of Tamarindo or Playa del Coco.

Guests are treated to a spectacular sunset that bathes the sky in fiery hues—a picturesque ending to an unforgettable day on the water.

Tamarindo Booze Cruise Costa Rica

3. Play Tide Private Open Bar Catamaran

Escape to the sparkling waters of the Pacific Ocean with an exclusive voyage aboard the Play Tide Private Open Bar Catamaran Tour in Tamarindo.

Departing from Tamarindo, this private 38-foot catamaran offers a luxurious and personalized adventure perfect for groups looking to blend relaxation with water activities along the stunning Guanacaste coast.

Climb aboard and feel the freedom of your own private sailing experience.

The Play Tide catamaran is spacious and fully equipped for comfort, ensuring a memorable journey from start to finish.

With a capacity for 22 people, it’s ideal for family gatherings, friend getaways, or special celebrations.

Dive into the heart of oceanic beauty with activities designed to thrill and delight.

Whether you’re paddling out on a stand-up paddleboard, gliding through the water in a kayak, or exploring vibrant underwater worlds while snorkeling, there’s no shortage of excitement.

All necessary equipment is provided, so you can immerse yourself in the joy of the sea without any hassle.

Savor the flavors of Costa Rica with a delicious breakfast or lunch served onboard, featuring local favorites like Gallo Pinto, ripe plantain, cheese, and tortillas.

Throughout the tour, an open bar offers refreshing cocktails, beers, bottled water, cold tea, and soft drinks, along with tasty bruschetta and fruit snacks.

Enjoy limitless drinks as you cruise, ensuring a festive atmosphere from start to finish.

Set sail towards a private beach, taking in the lush views of the Pacific coast.

Once there, spend quality time engaging in water sports or simply relaxing on the sands.

The tour spans 5 hours, with an efficient schedule that includes travel to the beach, ample time for activities and dining, and a leisurely sail back to Tamarindo.

From the moment you step aboard to your return to shore, every detail is taken care of, allowing you and your group to indulge in a carefree and exciting sea adventure.

Book your private tour today and create unforgettable memories on the beautiful waters of Costa Rica!