Visiting Costa Rica in October

Costa Rica weather in October varies from one coast to the other, temperatures across the country are about as low as they ever get which means averages around 80 °F (27 °C) with lows overnight about 68 to 76 °F (20-24 °C).

It’s the rainiest month of the year in Costa Rica, but before you leave this post and reschedule your trip, let me tell you why I believe October is one of the best months to visit Costa Rica.

 Many believe rain is the number one enemy of tourism and even if it’s true that a lot of people avoid a destination during the rainy season, it turns out more experienced travelers know it’s also the green season.

Green season is the perfect opportunity to enjoy Costa Rica’s breathtaking landscapes and attractions relatively empty of other travelers.

 The rain in Costa Rica doesn’t actually last for hours and days on end. It’s usually short, powerful downpours that last for a few hours and then clear. The rest of the day is often warm, dry, and even cloudless.

Visiting Costa Rica in October

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Reasons to visit costa rica in october

  1. Tour operators and hotels usually give discounts during the rainy season.
  2. With fewer travelers, popular sights and destinations will be more accessible and easier to enjoy.
  3. You can find cheaper flights during the low season.
  4. During the rainy season, it’s often easy to find rooms in any hotel with only a day or two advance notice.
  5. October is actually one of the driest months of the year on the Caribbean zone.
  6. July through October is the peak nesting and hatching season for the green sea turtle in Costa Rica.

Does it rain a lot in Costa Rica in October?

The answer is Yes, but this tropical country has only two seasons, dry and rainy (each one is 6 months long), October is the last month of Costa Rica’s rainy season.

Even if the weather is very wet in the rest of the country, Costa Rica’s Caribbean destinations are the sunniest during this time of the year, and due to this inverse of weather patterns, some accommodations on the Pacific will actually close for the month due to high rains, while Caribbean lodges are often booked up months in advance. 

The rain is often limited to a few hours each afternoon, so you can still enjoy plenty of beautiful sunny days while traveling during the green season.

Turtle nesting and hatching season

October is the best month to visit Tortuguero and witness Olive Ridley turtles arribadas.

Catch the tail end of the whale watching season in Costa Rica

North Atlantic St Lawrence humpback whales frequent the Caribbean coast. The very best time to visit if you want to spot whales is between August and October.

Have a Thermal experience

 Staying on a Hot spring resort in Costa Rica offers travelers a chance to soak and relax in natural thermal pools with stunning views of the rainforest.

The following thermal resorts are the most popular among tourists:

  1.  Tabacón Thermal Resort & Spa
  2.  Baldi Hot Springs Hotel & Spa
  3. Hotel Kokoro Mineral Hot Springs
  4. Hotel Palmera Real Hot Springs
  5. The Royal Corin Thermal Water Spa & Resort – Adults Only

Should I rent a 4x4 in October?

Some of the country’s rugged roads become impassable without a 4×4 vehicle during the rainy season. If you’re planning to rent a car for your vacation in Costa Rica in October, I really recommend getting a Four-wheel drive.

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