Free Tours in Costa Rica


Did you know you can book free tours in Costa Rica?
Probably not, then let me tell you they do exist! and the concept about this type of Tours is actually amazing.

What is a Free Tour in Costa Rica? 
The word ‘free’ has obvious appeal to budget-conscious travelers but it’s also a word that can ring alarm bells; especially in relation to something that traditionally carries with it a relatively substantial cost and makes up a significant part of a particular industry, such as guided tours in Costa Rica. But free doesn’t mean worthless when it comes to free tours in Costa Rica. Quite the contrary. It is by no means the reserve of a strapped backpacker or miserly tourist. It’s a concept which actually can be obliged to deliver more than the traditional paid tour and something which can be truly valuable, worthwhile, and rewarding to all types of travelers.

How can this Costa Rica Tours be free?
This tours in Costa Rica are ‘free’, because unlike regular tour operators, there is no set price for taking a tour, no prescribed fee to pay regardless of the tour experience itself. Instead, you are free to ‘tip’ your guide as you see fit after your tour.

As the tour guides don’t receive any other income for giving these tours (from any organizations or local bodies), this means they must really earn their tips. As their income will tend to fluctuate from tour to tour, the guides’ motivation to deliver a top-quality tour is ever-present, meaning far less room for complacency on their part than if they were being paid a set amount for a guided tour. The tour itself must be great for the concept to work.


List of Free Tours in Costa Rica

[emaillocker id=”1236″] SAN JOSE FREE WALKING TOUR
Join 3-hour free walking tour visiting top attractions of San José and meeting locals. Talk about history, politics, art and fun facts about our city. More Information……

Hang out with locals and enjoy a city tour in beautiful San José! This is a great way to get to know more about Costa Rica’s capital, its history, iconic places, and the “ticos” culture. Join this walking tour through San Jose city, Monday to Friday in front of National Theatre. More Information……

Departing from San Jose City around 8:00 am, this amazing natural attraction is about 1.5 hours Northwest from the capital city at the Volcanic Mountain Range of Alajuela.
There are many beautiful sites on the way to the summit of the rainforest covered mountain, including coffee plantations and strawberry fields. More Information……




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