Are you going to spend this New Year’s Eve in Costa Rica, but you aren’t sure where to go to have a great time and a great start for this 2019? 

Then keep on reading here you will find information about How costaricans spend the new year’s eve, traditions and our list of the best locations in Costa Rica to spend New Year’s Eve!

How to celebrate New Year's Eve in Costa Rica?

In Costa Rica, New Year’s Eve is traditionally a very family-oriented holiday, and families and close friends gather together to celebrate.

 Costa Ricans definitely know how to party and there is never a shortage of libations and delectable food.

Costa Rica's New Years traditions

Costa Rica, like much of Latin America, has lots of New Years traditions such as:

  • Wearing the right colors on your underwear: It is believed that if you wear yellow underwear, you will attract good fortune in the upcoming year. Green underwear is worn to attract money. And if you want to attract your soulmate in this next year, make sure that you wear red underwear. You can also hang these same colors in ribbon form on your front door, to attract the same things.
  • Walking a suitcase around the block to bring travel
  • Throwing water over the shoulder to discard bad memories
  • Eating 12 grapes at midnight:It is a local tradition, and one that is shared with many other Latin American countries, to eat 12 grapes on New Year’s Eve. You eat one grape for each new month to come. Don’t forget to make 12 wishes too!

Where to Spend New Year's Eve in Costa Rica

Playa Tamarindo is a very popular New Year’s Eve destination for visitors and locals alike, and the party scene is unrivaled. There is a full-on beach party and all the bars are open and bumping. Don’t try to drive anywhere, though, as the roads will be so heavily crowded that you could be stuck for hours. Fortunately, everything is within walking distance here. 

There are also incredible fireworks visible from the beach in Tamarindo at midnight.

If you don’t know where to stay in Tamarindo, check our list of Places to Stay in Tamarindo for New Year’s Eve.

Jaco is a famous destination to party all night long on new year’s eve! Clubs, bars, discos, dive bars, & VIP bottle service, Jaco has it all.

New Years Eve in Jaco Beach will have fireworks the entire length of the beach

Places in Jaco where you can stay and enjoy their new years celebrations specials:

Hotel Croc’s Casino & Resort: This 5 star resort offers their clients great new years packages to stay in the resort and celebrate new year’s eve at Jaco beach.

Hotel DoceLunas: Four star hotel DoceLunas welcomes locals and visitors with an open pool party. Splash around or float on a pool toy in the beautiful free form mosaic-lined pool or hide out in the waterfall cave. Enjoy drink specials, grilled food, and free zacate shooters. 

Los Suenos resort in Herredura bay puts on a much more upscale celebration with fantastic fireworks show at the beach club.

Wyndham San Jose-Herradura: The New Year’s Eve Parties at the Wyndham hotel are known to be some of the best in the country. The hotel lines up some of the most popular bands in Costa Rica, it offers three different atmospheres, two dance floors, premium open bar for 10 hours, gourmet dinner, snacks and buffet style BBQ, international DJ’s, shows, carnival, photo booth, toast, energetic breakfast and pool after party.

Click here to check Wyndham Sann Jose – Herradura prices

Vertigo is a well-known nightclub in Paseo Colon in San Jose. Every New Year, they have multiple DJs to keep you moving all night long. This intimate Moroccan-themed club is a great place to celebrate if you find yourself in the city. Make sure that you buy your tickets ahead of time.

Ranchos Itaúna is a boho-chic hotel located in Santa Teresa. It has earned the reputation as being one of the best beach party spots on the Nicoya Peninsula. Every New Year’s Eve, they throw a fabulous celebration that is open to anyone who wants to attend.

Check here rates & availability to stay at Ranchos Itauna.

And if you want to read more about Santa Teresa check our Tourist Guide To Santa Teresa Beach

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Classic New's Years Eve song in Costa Rica

One of Costa Rica’s most played songs this time of the year is Año Viejo. This song is a must if you want to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Costa Rica like a local!

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